Young Enough 

Barsuk Records

Joy shines through each track on Young Enough, the sophomore release from Brooklyn-based power pop band Charly Bliss.  

The band’s charming 2017 debut, Guppy, was championed by critics as a genuinely fun pop punk record for fans of the likes of Paramore and Speedy Ortiz. Since then, Charly Bliss is using their crisp and charismatic pop to tackle narratives of overcoming heartache and trauma.  

The album opens with “Blown to Bits,” a carefully curated song scattered with humour as well as sly references to Rilo Kiley and Mitski (“better son or daughter, drunk walking home”).  

Charly Bliss further prove that making pop music doesn’t equate to a lack of lyrical strength. The penultimate track on the album, “Hurt Me,” builds a ballad up to a crushing crescendo. Lead singer Eva Hendricks picks apart the pieces of her untrustworthy lover as her vocals get sucked into an undercurrent of soft synths and the wave of a relentless beat.  

Young Enough is an impressive album that blossoms in the uncertainty of “not knowing what you’re going to do after you turn 24.”