It was fun while it lasted

Fontana North

Vancouver garage rock duo The Pack AD have let out one final and triumphant roar with their farewell album, aptly titled It was fun while it lasted

Singer/guitarist Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller aren’t breaking up per se, but it’s safe to say this marks the beginning of their hiatus. Their indefinite departure is bittersweet, but It was fun while it lasted is a heartfelt salute by two women who have been navigating hardships in the music industry throughout their entire careers.

Miller has stated that the opening track “Give Up” is about “deciding what’s best for us and taking that control.” Black emotionally chants ”Whatever I was back then, I’m not like that now.” The two proceeding tracks “Reprogram” and “It’s Okay” follow suit, sounding like sister songs, cohesive with a sound that is reminiscent of Plumtree or The White Stripes.

Another notable track, “Wings,” is a gorgeous 50s-inspired ballad full of heart and soul to help you get lost in time during this time of uncertainty and confusion. 

There’s a notable mixture of rowdy, crashing guitars and soft and sensitive acoustic ballads, blending together on 12 tracks to create an emotional swan song.

As much as the duo will be missed, It was fun while it lasted leaves fans with something they can return to over and over.

Best Track: “Give Up”