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Toronto-based R&B group Rhye returns with a brand new EP, Spirit, and they’re changing up the pace.  

Generally considered sexy and sensual, Rhye puts the romance on the backburner to get intimate and introspective. Frontman Michael Milosh’s heavenly, androgynous vocals are once again the absolute standout, but appear much more controlled on Spirit. This time around Milosh takes moments to reflect on himself and his faults rather than reminiscing on past relationships and their eventual downfall. Spirit is much more present in its subject matter than any Rhye records in the past. It is a gentle self-exploration with incredibly minimal production or instrumentation.  

Although Rhye doesn’t do anything new on this record, it still holds the same beauty and mystery they’re known for. And as minimal as Spirit may be, it does have some particular standouts. In particular “Needed” and “Save Me” seem to be part of the same narrative with Milosh expressing not what he loves about someone but what he needs from them. The closing track “Save Me” can be seen as the break-up conversation with Milosh explaining what the relationship was supposed to be and that his partner was meant to save him from himself.