Sick Hustle

Dine Alone Records

There’s always been a lot of great noise coming out of Montreal, but with NOBRO’s debut EP, Sick Hustle, they’re standing loud and proud above the rest.

Emerging with a sound like a grenade blast, Sick Hustle is short and full of fire, spanning four memorable tracks that pulsate with varying degrees of unyielding ferocity. 

Packaging catchy choruses and gang vocals within distorted guitar riffs and manic drumming, the band, who has already shared the stage with the likes of Alexisonfire and The Distillers, elbows their way to the front of the crowd and commands your attention.

Vocalist and bassist, Kathryn McCaughey, carries each song like a battle-hardened war general with her unadulterated yet polished punk-rock yells, shining most vibrantly on “Till I Get it All,” and then topping herself the very next go-around on the last track, melodic summer-punk jam, “Mariana.”

Mix that with the radical bongo solos, corrosive guitar riffs, and wacky lyrics like, “I had a good time, I had a bad time. A volcano of cocaine, I climbed it in my mind,” and you get 15 minutes of guaranteed good times had by all.

With Sick Hustle, McCaughey and her posse arrive in a controlled frenzy, ready to take on the world with their fists clenched and heels dug deep. 

Best track: “Til’ I Get It All”