Will This Make Me Good

ATO Records

On his sophomore album, Will This Make Me Good, New York-based musician Nick Hakim grapples with many different ideas, offering up a reflection of the current state of the world and the tragic loss of his childhood friend.

Arriving three years after the release of his acclaimed debut, 2017’s Green Twins, Hakim’s latest record marks a tonal shift. 

Known for his genre-bending style, Hakim shines on his latest release, continuing to defy genre classification and offering up a compilation of songs that act as a stunning reflection of his journey in progress.

Will This Make Me Good arrives with a nuanced sound, articulating a sense of confusion alongside a desire for hope and clarity across its 12 tracks. 

Hakim treats his voice like an instrument, taking on different tones to match different songs. Sometimes he is merely a pinched whisper, and other times his vocals ring clear. Laced with simple drum patterns, mellow vocals and lush synths, his latest release feels decisively contemplative, presenting listeners with a more distinct glimpse into not only his thoughts, but also his community.

Will This Make Me Good stands as a notable entry in Nick Hakim’s discography, urging listeners to keep those you love close, because nothing is certain.

Best track: “QADIR”