Lost Wisdom pt. 2

P.W. Elverum & Sun

On Lost Wisdom pt. 2, Mount Eerie is looking towards the future and the world around him. Whether it’s bleak, warm or a mix of the two, he’s looking forward nonetheless.

Songwriter Phil Elverum’s latest album is a sequel to an earlier collaboration with Canadian singer Julie Doiron titled Lost Wisdom. Part 2 focuses mainly on Elverum’s tumultuous past year, still recovering from the death of his wife, his remarriage, and subsequent divorce from actress Michelle Williams.

Like his lyrics, Lost Wisdom Part 2’s production is mostly simple, quiet and far from frivolous. Backed by mainly just an acoustic guitar and piano, it’s the words we’re needing to focus on here. What follows is a heartbreaking yet somewhat hopeful collection of songs that confirm how effective Mount Eerie is at confessional songwriting.

Doiron’s accompanying vocals provide a shoulder of support to these confessions. You can almost imagine them holding hands throughout the recording of the album. “I believed in love and I still do. I’m not going to seal up my heart” they both sing together in “Belief pt. 2.” It’s nice to know that together, they’re still looking forward.

Best Track: Belief