New Me, Same Us

Ninja Tune

Little Dragon’s sixth studio album, New Me, Same Us, revels in its dreamy mood. The Swedish quartet has claimed that this album is their most collaborative yet, as if promising that this time they’ve finally found a perfect groove and communication between members. Thankfully, it’s true for the most part. 

The band excels at finding a cozy niche between pop, R&B, jazz and electronica, gliding through what makes for an easy listening experience. It’s never challenging, but perhaps that’s the point, as lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s unique and absolutely gorgeous voice envelops you, providing comfort and an immediate sense of ease as opening track, “Hold On,” rolls out. 

While the album never has a bad moment, Nagano’s voice is constantly searching to push the album into true excellence.

On their Ninja Tune debut, the title New Me, Same Us rings true in many ways, which feels like a positive step forward for the band in terms of both their sound and originality.

Best Track: “Every Rain”