RCA Records

It’s been two and a half years since Kaytranada’s incredible, Polaris and Juno-winning debut album, 99.9%, and while the Montreal-based maestro has undoubtedly been working on music consistently since then (in between performing all over the world at the biggest festivals), he clearly took his time crafting his follow up. BUBBA is the beautiful result, out today via RCA.

Kaytranada made his name on the back of a signature sound that took Soundcloud by storm in its heyday—one marked by soupy basslines, swinging drums and an almost psychedelic mood. The best part about a sound that is so unique and so dynamic is that it truly never gets old, which is exactly why BUBBA  sounds both familiar and yet never boring. The term “sophomore” album couldn’t be more appropriate, as the 17 tracks bear witness to Kaytra’s growth from bedroom producer to bonafide pioneer—someone who has left a deep and influential mark on pop music as we look to a new decade.

BUBBA would be a fantastic body of work even without the all-star cast of features, but the list is so impressive that it feels like a miss not to mention them: Kali Uchis, Pharrell, Tinashe, GoldLink, Charlotte Day Wilson, Estelle, Mick Jenkins, SiR, VanJess, Masego, Iman Omari, and others lend their talents without every taking away too much attention from the star of this show, which is Kaytranada’s lush productions and thoughtful artistry.

Best Track: “What You Need”