Ignorance is Bliss 

Boy Better Know Records

With rumbling bass and rapid-fire flows, UK’s Skepta continues to show why he’s the leading voice in the grime game with his return to form on Ignorance Is Bliss. Skepta’s 2016 album, Konnichiwa, was a major catalyst towards alerting a North American audience to the presence of grime music – a menacing and aggressive style of techno-influenced rap based out of the UK.  

Skepta’s rise to prominence even got him a premium placement on a Drake project, but you won’t hear the 6 God on this outing. Now, the top dog from South London stands out on his own and his bark is as badass as his bite. Skepta returns with another solid series of tracks that doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, but impresses nonetheless due to his dominance of his own lane and his signature cadence. 

Skepta’s bluntly descriptive lyrics pair well with his all-out attack on any kind of instrumental, while his subtle flow switches sneak up and catch you off guard. Skepta also outshines every one of his guests, which include Key! and Wizkid, with ease, proving that while the genre continues to evolve, Skepta is still holding court.