Miss Anthropocene

Grimes Creative Corporation under exclusive license to Crystal Math Music

Climate change may just kill us all, so Claire Elise Boucher, famously known as Grimes, wanted to make an album dedicated to a fictional goddess who personifies the disaster. Thus, Miss Anthropocene was born. 

After many delays, false starts and lack of information, Grimes’ first album in almost five years is finally here. Overall, it was well worth the wait. Melding the poppier and accessible sounds of 2015’s Art Angels alongside the more experimental tunes of Visions, Miss Anthropocene tackles a more villainous mindset, with songs about Boucher’s dissatisfaction and weariness with humanity. 

Some of the high points of the album involve us seeing sides to the artist we’ve never seen before. “Delete Forever” is a beautiful elven ballad about loss backed up by an acoustic guitar, an instrument that seems alien in Grimes’ world. On “My Name Is Dark,” Grimes goes full rock god, vengeful and cynical in the best way possible.

It’s not always an epic party. The many delays and re-recordings the album went through become apparent when some of the production in the songs get messier than needed, and we lose what she’s trying to say. 

Miss Anthropocene is a chaotic album, revelling in its messiness and reminding us that Grimes is still here making music unlike anybody else. It’s best to just sit back and enjoy the show. 

Best Track: “Delete Forever”