Sudden Death

With a raging fire of political contempt burning in the world, Vancouver’s original hardcore punks, D.O.A., ring in the decade with a manifesto for the modern age. 

1978 must feel like a different lifetime to founding member, Joey “Shithead” Keithley, but in all the years since the band’s formation, the passion to create fast-paced circle-pit inducing jams never seems to have waned. 

Treason is a diverse addition to the 19-album discography, with tracks that range from feel-good anthems like “My My, Hey Hey,” to classic head banger “Gonna Set You Straight,” and the all out riot that is “Fucked up Donald.” Keithley’s fingers seem possessed on the guitar, with the cacophonous drums and heart-thumping bass lines of his bandmates keeping pace in staggering synergy.
D.O.A. are the founding fathers of the hardcore punk scene that was nuclear in Vancouver during the 70s and 80s. Though the sound has swerved in and out of the mainstream over the years, even dabbling with funk elements amidst a revolving door of band members, the new album feels like an eight-track handpicking of the band’s greatest hits.

D.O.A. is here to stay, proving that as the world continues to get weirder, they seem to only get more pissed off and poignant. 

Best Track: “My My, Hey Hey”