Do You Wonder About Me? 

Frenchkiss Records

Pop-punk duo Diet Cig ignite their second album Do You Wonder About Me? with new sounds, experiments and statements. 

Guitarist/vocalist Alex Luciano and drummer Noah Bowman offer snappy lyrics and pointed questions, “Thriving” in the freedom that comes with moving on, forgiving others, and accepting your own faults. The second single, “Who Are You?,” is a clap-back at rejected apologies that will transport you to the 90s when power pop dominated the charts and Liz Phair was ruler of the land.   

The album speaks to modern life ennuis and feeling isolated from others and detached from your identity. Luciano’s distinct bubbly voice holds power over thrashing riffs that take you on a ride with the band’s charismatic energy. Diet Cig’s penchant for distortion, screams, arpeggiators and saxophone, provide a unique sonic palette when combined with their punk rock fundamentals. 

“Flash Flood” is a quick and intense moment of radical self-acceptance offering a glimpse of delicate emotions.

Lead single “Night Terrors” is reprised at the end of the album as an electronic lullaby with soothing layers of synths, drifting us off to somewhere the pair have not yet ventured. Do You Wonder About Me? is effervescent and more experimental than the band’s previous work and also shows their most exciting efforts to date. 

Best track: “Night Terrors (Reprise)” 

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