Captured Tracks

Brooklyn shoegaze rockers DIIV are back after three years with a new album that calls upon classic grunge-era ballads from the 90s with a level of confidence the band was only beginning to command on 2016’s Is the Is Are.

Deceiver conjures up visuals of a hazy blue and deep orange dream sequence, opening with downtempo stoner vibes on “Horsehead,” evolving to mix in upbeat dream-pop on tracks like “The Spark” and “For the Guilty.” Frontman Zachary Cole Smith delivers airy vocals overtop the heavy stomp of his band, specifically on the closing track, “Acheron,” making their sound reminiscent of neo-psychedelic masterminds The Stone Roses and experimental rock legends My Bloody Valentine.

Deceiver rises emotionally, with Cole sounding particularly haunting on “Lorelei.” Supported by lo-fi guitar riffs and air-tight drums, the album walks the line between floating boundless through outer space and a foggy, autumn sunset.

If you’re new to DIIV, Deceiver is the perfect psychedelic garage rock album to hook you. And if you’re already a fan, Deceiver is the album that kicks DIIV into a new dimension. It’s everything you want from a post-punk sound: nostalgic, disparate, and perfectly dreamy.

Best Track: The Spark