Dawn Chorus

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Toronto-via-Montreal producer Jacques Greene (aka Philippe Aubin-Dionne) has been generous the last couple of years, dropping his debut LP, Feel Infinite in 2017, followed by the Fever Focus EP last year. But oh man, has he ever prepared a treat for his sophomore full-length.

Dawn Chorus is a multi-faceted collaboration with esteemed producers, vocalists and even gear (a delay pedal My Bloody Valentine championed, a cherished compressor used by Alan Braxe and Fred Falke). Recorded at both his home in Toronto and Hudson Mohawke’s Los Angeles studio, he roped in the likes of film composer Brian Reitzell, Joel Ford (Ford & Lopatin, Airbird) and Clams Casino, along with a variety of voices (Toronto’s Ebhoni, Rochelle Jordan, and Cadence Weapon) and to help him achieve this sonic perfection he was in search of.

Just reading what went into recording Dawn Chorus alone is on some euphoric tip, but Greene has definitely reached that next level status with these resources at his disposal. He hits up the club with some feverish disco (“For Love”) and blissed out breakbeats (“Do It Without You”), but finds even more inspiration in exploring the sunrise vibes of the shoegazy “Understand” and the droning “Stars.”

This is a post-rave experience, meticulously pieced-together to capture the period between getting caught up in the afterparty rush and reaching that calming slumber. The expansiveness of Dawn Chorus will leave us guessing where Jacques Greene heads next, but the possibilities sure seem endless.

Best Track: Do It Without You