Yesterday is Gone

Flemish Eye Records

Introspection is the common thread that cuts through Dana Gavanski’s lo-fi breakup album Yesterday is Gone. Gavanski reflects delicately on all the pain and loss that comes with losing a lover. However, letting go gives her room to find herself within the absence of love. Her honeyed vocals tiptoe around whimsical lyricism about the changing of the seasons and the slow burn of time.

Sorrow transforms into heartbreak paradise as ethereal melodies infuse the record to highlight the essentials: stripped-down vocals, guitar, and a pitter patter of drums and piano. Folk and pop collide to produce hazy musings on personal growth. Although there aren’t too many sonic embellishments, it’s a record that doesn’t feel underwhelming or sparse; the moments of simplicity allow for reckonings with oneself. The minimalism of it all is inviting.

Gavanski strives to convey anguish without the bitterness. For the most part, she succeeds. When she sings about becoming strangers, it’s a fact, not a statement of longing. There are a few seconds of wistfulness that creep in, but they’re fleeting. In her refusal to wallow, she exhales out the pain and steps into a future focused on herself.

Best Track: “Yesterday Is Gone”