What’s Tonight to Eternity

W.25TH/Superior Viaduct

Cindy Lee’s journey to the deepest, blackest and noisiest depths of true beauty continues on What’s Tonight to Eternity, the enigmatic project’s fifth and nearly best full-length offering.

Eclipsed only by 2015’s shattering Act of Tenderness LP, What’s Tonight continues to refine songwriter Patrick Flegel’s explorations in harsh noise, oldies pop, guitar witchery and recording experimentation.

Opener “Plastic Raincoat” provides a soft landing back into the bleakness of Cindy Lee’s shadowy and lonely world, impeccably setting up the album’s most breath-taking offering, “I Want You to Suffer.” In seven and a half minutes, the song exquisitely encapsulates all that Cindy Lee has shown us since 2012’s Tatlashea cassette, solidifying the fact that the project’s sole contributor, Patrick Flegel, is one of this generation’s most gifted, smartest and exciting artists.

The songs that follow don’t quite hit with the same gut-wrenching intensity but there is no shortage of exhilarating, frightening and beautiful moments, especially on stand-out tracks “One Second to Toe the Line” and “Lucifer Stand.”

Album closer, “Heavy Metal,” comes closest to the perfection of the second track with Flegel’s virtuosic guitar playing providing a fulfilling denouement to the collection.

Best Track: “I Want You To Suffer”