Cape God  

Twin Music Inc.

Toronto’s pop enchantress Allie X welcomes a new day on Cape God, her second album following 2018’s Super Sunset

Fans have already had time to savour singles “Regulars” and “Fresh Laundry.” The lyrics are sparkly, snappy, and self-aware, but show off some insecurities with maturity, good humour, and a bit of doom and gloom. 

New tracks include “Rings A Bell,” where bass and chimes surround the melody and groovy beat, and “Madame X,” a piano ballad seemingly dedicated to herself, with billowing vocal harmonies and waves of strings. It also features collaborations with Troye Sivan for “Love Me Wrong” and Mitski on “Susie Save Your Love.”

Embracing the spectrum of electropop and rock, Cape God is a breath of fresh indie pop air. Sweet vocals reverberate over minimalistic beats, guitars, synths and background vox blend with percussive layers of drum machines, with careful arrangements ensuring nothing is overdone.

This is a lustrous, centred and down-to-earth addition to Allie X’s growing discography. She is a gentle yet eccentric voice. While being vulnerable and honest, Allie X exposes her full range on Cape God, taking listeners to the party, then accompanying them back home. 

Best Track: Rings A Bell