Wavy Haze Records

Fifteen years into their career, Toronto-based indie rock trio Born Ruffians show no signs of slowing down. 

Known for their frenzied brand of indie rock, the Ruffians offer up refreshing energy and complex storytelling on their sixth full-length album JUICE.

The trio — composed of guitarist/vocalist Luke Lalonde, bassist Mitch Derosier, and drummer Steve Hamelin — have released the album on their own imprint, Wavy Haze Records. The label takes its name from the closing track on JUICE, serving up a reflection of the band’s early days in Toronto.

Written and polished over a three year span, JUICE is simultaneously a testament to the band’s roots and an upbeat mission statement for the future. Much of the album is sewn together by major key melodies, feelings of camaraderie and the same infectious energy that has characterized them since their formation in the early 2000s.

The band continues to cultivate the depth and maturity they have developed over previous releases with a tone distinctly optimistic, offering up indie-rock anthems that remind us no matter how weird and overwhelming things get, things are going to be ok. 

Best Track: “I Fall in Love Every Night”