Bloodied But Unbroken

Stomp Records

Nineteen years into their story, the Raygun Cowboys live up to their outlandish name and deliver 10 songs that make you want to lose your mind. The 50s-infused rockabilly outfit from Edmonton are veterans in the touring scene, and the blood, sweat, and tears culminate in a feel-good sound that never takes a back-step.

What is it about a solid horn section that just puts a smile on your face? There’s a frenetic pace at the heart of the album, pausing only for a couple ballad-like numbers that have vocalist and founding frontman, Jon Christopherson, utilizing an Elvis-like vibrato that sends shivers down shattered spines.

The trumpet, sax, and trombone give each song a ska-punk energy, that’s only topped by the teeth-shredding guitar solos. Each song feels complete, like it was written to be played in a pub with a bouncy dance floor.

Christopherson is the only member left from the band’s beginnings, dating back to the distant land of 2000, and if that’s not enough to spell dedication, it’s ubiquitous in the album’s DNA. These aren’t just a handful of aimless tunes, these are the lifelong makings of a band who lives to rock and roll.

Best Track: Walk of Life