20/20 Vision

Spinefarm Records

After 20 years of pumping out aggressive anarcho punk anthems, Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag stand head and shoulders above the agitated mosh pit of their hardcore peers.

Shredding riffs and government policies in equal measure, socially conscious singer/guitarist Justin Sane holds nothing back as he attacks Anti-Flag’s new tracks with the same voracious appetite for revolution he’s displayed since 1988.

The result of a well-calculated collaboration with The Critics Company, a collective of emergent DIY filmmakers from Nigeria, the single and video for the song “Unbreakable” puts Anti-Flag’s anti-fascist leanings on the world stage.

Driving home the quartet’s politi-punk sentiments with a silver bullet, the crashing opener, “Hate Conquers All,” takes direct aim at Trump’s administration with a canon full of tar, feathers and defiant vitriol. Clear, concise and in control of their fast and frenzied faculties, cuts like “It Went Off Like a Bomb,” “The Disease,” and “A Nation Sleeps” pour out a forty of gasoline on America’s cultural dumpster fire.

Meanwhile, the sidelong approach of “Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down,” “Christian Nationalist,” and “Un-American” sympathize with the battle fatigue that inevitably comes with being backed against a wall and as woke as AF. 

Wednesday, March 11 at The 27 Club (Ottawa)
Thursday March 12 at L’Astral (Montreal)
Tuesday May 5 at Velvet Underground (Toronto)
Friday May 29 at Wise Hall (Vancouver)