My Finest Work Yet 

Loma Vista

As hard as it may be to imagine Andrew Bird exceeding his already impressive discography, My Finest Work Yet lives up to its name. 

On the album art, Bird re-imagines a famous image of the French Revolution, The Death Of Marat, wherein the radical journalist Jean-Paul Marat is lying dead, murdered in his bath. Jacques-Louis David’s work is touted as the first modernist painting for the way it blends the personal and the political.  

Similarly, Bird is employing his artistry on this latest collection of songs to comment on the world at large. A past columnist for The New York Times, Bird transmutes the world he lives in, fuelled by his eloquent compositions and profound storytelling abilities. 

The album leads with single “Sisyphus,highlighting his signature whistle as leading accompaniment. Elements of folk and jazz carry him through familiar guitar and piano-laden territory, making this a relatable yet refreshing ride. Folksy melodies with beautiful vocal harmonies are heard throughout as Bird offers upbeat anthems that contrast his tortured words.  

Bird paints in broad but effective strokes, which is ultimately what makes every piece of music he releases a masterpiece in its own right.