Age Of Unreason 


After nearly 40 years together, you might think a band as infamous as California’s Bad Religion would have run out of things to say. However, as the band has proven time and time again, wherever there’s injustice, tyranny or ignorance, they will be there with a flurry of fury-filled riffs and lyrical content ripped straight from the headlines, all filtered through vocalist Greg Graffin’s encyclopedic world view.

With their upcoming 17th studio album, Age of Unreason, the group shines a spotlight on the current political mockery of the democratic system. 

Touching on everything from alternative facts diluting truth and journalistic integrity and the repetition of cold war era paranoid communist hysteria, to the echo chamber of fact versus personal online opinion and the disgust over politicians in power putting children in cages.

Throughout the album the band proves, once again, the importance of critical thinking. Age of Unreason reminds us that waking up and paying attention is the most valuable tool any of us have.