Blu DeTiger Gives Us A Tour Of Her Jam Space

The bassist who won our hearts on TikTok gives us a look inside her colourful studio.

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, chances are you’re already familiar with Blu DeTiger and her hypnotic vocals mixed with impressive bass skills. The young artist has amassed a large social following through her fun and quirky content that gives you a glimpse into her creative world. Born and raised in New York City, it’s no surprise that Blu ended up in the spotlight. She started DJing at clubs before she was even legal and quickly gained recognition in the fashion and creative scenes as well (She walked in Kid Super’s 2019 NYFW show). Her passion for music soon expanded beyond DJing. Fast forward to today and Blu is producing, writing, and singing her own music. 

The rising artist gave us a virtual tour of her studio space, which is just as funky and colourful as you’d expect, equipped with all the gear she needs to create including seven guitars (mostly bass, of course). She also opened up about her process for new music, her upcoming EP and connecting with fans over social media. 

When did you first start playing the bass?

I first started when I was 7. My older brother was playing drums at the time, so I wanted to play an instrument too. I chose bass because I felt that everyone else was playing guitar and I wanted to be unique and different!

You started DJing at 17. How did that come about and evolve into making your own music?

I got really into DJing and was getting booked at a bunch of clubs in New York City. I would always bring my bass with me and improvise over songs during my set. It was so fun and became my thing. I fell in love with the feeling when DJing – controlling the room, being a tastemaker, making people dance, telling a story throughout the night with the set, and meeting eccentric people. The thing that was missing was that I couldn’t throw my own songs in there. I love playing other people’s music, but I wanted to express myself in a different way. I was always writing music but I think my passion for DJing led me onto the path of releasing music under my name. 

Your single “Figure It Out” went viral on TikTok and you now have a large following on multiple social platforms. What made you realize this was the best way to connect with your fans while also promoting your music?

I think it’s the only way these days. There’s no touring and chances of meeting fans in real life, so this is the next best thing. It feels so good to engage with fans and be able to communicate with them. I love talking to people and showing my appreciation for their support. I can talk to them individually and I can post to them all at once. I like TikTok especially because it’s really intuitive and easy to get creative. It’s fun for me because I get to express myself as a bassist and musician, and also as an artist with my own music.

Can you explain the concept and inspiration for your new single “Cotton Candy Lemonade” and the accompanying music video?

This song stems from a lot of the emotions and feelings that the quarantine brought up – loneliness, and nostalgia for the recent past. It’s about longing for a pre-covid time or a post-covid time. The music video was so fun to shoot! It shows me in New York City finding my way and riding on a motorcycle into the sunset and into the unknown…

What is your creative process when working on new music? Does it differ when you’re writing versus producing?

I’m usually always producing as I write, or working with other people where the production inspires the writing and vice versa. When I’m working on my own I’ll usually start with a drum groove and add bass, then the rest will unfold.  Lyrics usually come last unless I have a good line ready to go. Writing and producing come hand in hand and are inspired by each other so everything is very intertwined. A cool clap sound or lush chords with reverb can put me in a mindset. 

What do you hope fans take away from “Cotton Candy Lemonade”?

This year has been so insane and scary, I hope people can listen and just get lost in this song and fantasize about a time/place… and be a little hopeful.

Blu DeTiger’s “Cotton Candy Lemonade” is out now. She will be releasing her debut EP in early 2021.