Photo Illustrations: Alex Kidd
North Laine
Cloud 9 Cakes
GAK Music
Random Brighton Street Corner
Outside To Be Worn Again

Maisie Peters Takes Us Day-Tripping Through Brighton

The enigmatic songwriter gives us a guided tour through the streets of her vibrant coastal hometown. 

Just two hours south of London, Brighton is a proper picturesque coastal city known for its beautiful beaches, eccentric arts community, and lively pubs. Often referred to as London-By-The-Sea, Brighton is also home to Maisie Peters, a vibrant pop songwriter who is on an organic trajectory straight to the top of the charts. 

Peters is the embodiment of youthful exuberance but her songs possess a rare kind of learned wisdom. At 20 years old, her career as a songwriter is just getting started, but she’s got much to celebrate since she first started busking on the streets of Brighton in her early teens. “I’d set up and sing Disney covers and Britney Spears deep cuts for hours to try and earn some pocket money,” she says. It wasn’t long though before the creative entrepreneur had set up a YouTube channel, building a dedicated fanbase that now stretches all over the world. 

Currently signed to Atlantic Records with more than one-million monthly listeners on Spotify, Peters recently dropped a jaw-dropping collab with Canadian heartthrob JP Saxe (aka Julia Michaels’ other half). 

We asked Peters to give us a tour of her hometown to show us where she feels most inspired.  

North Laine

A really cute section of Brighton packed with tiny indie shops, cafes, vintage stores, and ice cream parlours. You can stumble on literally anything down here. I also shot the artwork for my first EP, Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket, in a charity shop right in the middle of them.

(76-82 North Rd, Brighton, United Kingdom)

Gak is my favourite music shop. This is where I bought my first guitar and all my busking equipment. I have been going there and pouring over their instruments since I was 10 years old. I still go back to look at expensive guitars I will never buy.

Trading Post Coffee
(40 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, United Kingdom)

Trading Post is where I have spent many hours whiling away time, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and eating way too many pastries. This is my friend Dom, who shoots photos and videos with me. In this photo we were brainstorming my next video for my next song, hehe. 

Cloud 9 Cakes
(Unit 15 Brighton Pl, Brighton, United Kingdom)

The cutest bakery that me and my best friend used to go to all the time when we were 13, trying to feel like adults. Best cupcakes in Brighton, hands down. 

 Random Brighton Corner

This is one of the spots where I used to busk when I was 15. I’d set up and sing Disney covers and Britney Spears deep cuts for hours, trying to earn some pocket money. 

(1 Sydney St, Brighton, United Kingdom)

This shot features Dom again in the camera shop where we develop the film from our photo shoots. In this photo Dom was buying more film for our next shoot, which will probably also be in Brighton because we are hardcore Brightonians. 

To Be Worn Again
(12 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, United Kingdom)

One of my favourite vintage clothing stores in Brighton, where I’ve definitely bought some iconic, and also debatable items in the past. It’s a staple of Brighton, and I’m sure their clothes have been in a countless number of my music videos and photoshoots.

One of my all-time favourite locations is my sister Ellen’s passenger seat. My song “Personal Best” was literally inspired by our relationship as twins and how much I love her. We love singing Beyonce songs super out of tune while driving through Brighton in the middle of the night.