Toronto Raptors’ DJ 4Korners Shares His Top Hype Tracks

Hit "play," close your eyes, and imagine you're sitting inside of Scotiabank Arena.

When the 2019-20 NBA season kicked off, it was the first time in franchise history that the Toronto Raptors return as the reigning NBA Champions. There were some changes since they hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy in June of 2019 (namely the departure of Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green), but one thing, thankfully, remained the same: their DJ 4Korners

4Korners has been the official DJ for the Toronto Raptors since 2005—long before they were the hottest ticket in town—regularly playing to over 20,000 fans per night at the Raptors home court, the Scotiabank Arena. While this season has taken a little bit of a different turn (hello bubble life), we still needed a good list of hype tracks to cheer our team on. Below, 4Korners top tracks to get the fans and players going.

Jay Rock – Win

This was our battle cry all season; I dropped it as the guys touched the court every night. This is my way of saying, “We’re NOT the polite Canadians here to play nice. We’re here to do one thing: “WIN!”

Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – Booyah

I don’t care who you are—you hear this come on during a game you’re gonna get charged up! One of the guys from Showtek told me they made the song to be played at football (soccer) games in Holland which explains that arena energy.

4KORNERS, Natra, Kyngz & DJ Overule – I Want More

One of the best parts of being both a DJ/producer is that I get to play my own music. During the playoffs, I got together with a few talented artists and made this record. It’s the right vibe for the stadium: hard, bass-heavy and is about wanting the most out of life.

Blur – Song 2

This one has been a staple for me for years. It’s one of those records that everyone knows and when it’s played at the right moment will have the entire country yelling “WOO HOO!” I rock this at big moments.

Drake – Started From The Bottom

This is an obvious one, but how could I not? It’s been meaningful to us (as we have) moved past the “happy to be here” stage and locked in on building a winning legacy. Skip ahead to this season and it was like a prophecy: WE THE CHAMPS! I played this in Jurassic Park with Drake on stage after we won the “chip wit da dip”—that’s poetry!