Screen Time: Savannah Ré Tells Us What To Watch

From Alien to Guardians of The Galaxy, the rising R&B talent confesses her love for everything sci-fi. 

Screen Time is an ongoing series that taps our favourite artists and tastemakers for their go-to streaming habits. From bingeable TV shows to the cult classics and everything in between, they tell us what to watch so we don’t have to do the heavy scrolling. 

Savannah Ré is coming up in a big way with her smooth R&B vocal delivery, slick beats, and relatable persona that oozes through every part of her music. The young Toronto artist recently released her new single, “Where You Are,” from her forthcoming EP, Opia. It put her sultry songwriting abilities front and centre, next to top-tier production from Grammy Award-winning producers Boi-1da and Allen Ritter. Filmed in Jamaica with an all-Black female crew led by director Brilliant Garcia, the song’s video captures her music’s moodiness while embracing the beauty of the island’s culture. “Shooting this in Jamaica where my blood is from was a dream. I’ve never felt so comfortable and seen on a set before,” Ré says. 

After spending time in front of the camera, the young artist is more than happy to take a break from reality and chill out while watching some quality content on her laptop. Ré kindly shared her streaming habits with us, which taught us that if she has the remote, sci-fi or an episode of Insecure will be playing on the screen.

Savannah Ré

Star sign: Aquarius
Favourite director: Guillermo Del Toro
#1 movie of all time: Alien
Favourite movie snack: Popcorn with the white cheddar and ketchup shakers.

On a rainy night: Dr. Strange 

It’s otherworldly and makes you forget the gloom. I think sci-fi and fantasy have always been my favourite genres because they take you away from reality, which isn’t always so light. 

Hungover on a Sunday morning: Hitch 

It’s always light-hearted and fun. I generally only watch sci-fi/fantasy, but this one somehow snuck in—an easy and really cute watch.

Best film or series to watch with the sound cranked: Insecure 

Literally the best music of any show I’ve ever watched. Beautiful cinematography and so relatable.

Best series to binge all the way through: Game of Thrones

I binged seasons 1-7. Expect to be angry about the final season.

When you need a mood booster: Guardians Of The Galaxy

I’ll watch any of them. This is probably my favourite new franchise after the original Hellboys. It’s really fun and light-hearted.

Guilty pleasure series: The 100 

I can’t stop watching it. Final season and I’m locked all the way in.

Savannah Ré’s debut EP, Opia, will be released in Fall 2020 on Universal Music.