Photo: Leeor Wild, Illustration: Alex Kidd

Screen Time: renforshort Tells Us What To Watch  

From Amélie to New Girl, the rising songwriter channels good vibes only with her watch list.

Screen Time is an ongoing series that taps our favourite artists and tastemakers for their go-to streaming habits. From bingeable TV shows to the cult classics—and everything in between—they tell us what to watch, so we don’t have to do the heavy scrolling. 

Lauren Isenburg has been making waves since day one with her relatable bedroom pop that she writes and records as renforshort. Joining a new crop of young songwriters populating artist-to-watch playlists all over the world, the rising Toronto singer channels her moody musings on pop culture and everyday life through catchy hooks and melodies. 

renforshort’s latest single, “fuck, i luv my friends,” is an up-beat party anthem that celebrates the art of friendship. When she isn’t hanging with her buds, Isenburg is often at home Netflix-and-chillin’ by herself, which makes her the perfect candidate to kick off our new Screen Time feature. From the animated fairy tale that comes to life in Coraline to Zooey Deschanel’s quirky New Girl series, ren shares with us her favourite TV and movie recommendations for all kinds of moods. 


Star sign: Taurus
Favourite director: Edgar Wright
Favourite movie snack: Sushi

On a rainy night: The Shining 

I like to be scared a little bit and for some reason horror movies make me cozy. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I just feel cozy when I watch them. If I was wanting something more uplifting but spooky, I would watch What We Do in the Shadows. It’s a really funny fake reality movie that focuses on the lives of vampires living in modern day New Zealand. Love that one! 

Hungover on a Sunday morning: Amélie 

I prefer something light and pretty so I can relax and pamper myself with good vibes. You can also practice your french with Amélie! I think the aesthetic is super important and there isn’t a daunting or overwhelming storyline.

Best series to binge all the way through: Skins

I couldn’t stop watching once I started; it basically consumed my life. The stories are very intriguing and I find myself so invested that I end up talking to my computer. Also Effy and Cassie are kinda my blueprints, haha. [Spoiler alert] My favourite scene in Skins is when Sid and Cassie get together for the first time. I was rooting for them and I needed it to happen. 

When you need a mood booster: Coraline 

Coraline and The Grand Budapest Hotel are the two movies I have downloaded on my computer that I watch on road trips or when my wifi cuts out. They always make me feel happy and safe. Coraline will forever be one of my favourite movies. I love the characters, especially Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible—they’re hilarious and really well-developed characters. My favourite scene in Coraline is the dinner party scene, right when she enters the other world. I’ve always wanted that meal; it looks so good. In The Grand Budapest Hotel I love the carousel scene. I think it’s so cute and really visually appealing (like most of Wes Anderson’s movies), but this one is especially cute.

Guilty pleasure series: New Girl 

I actually laugh out loud when I watch this show, especially the episode when Winston and Schmidt ruin Cece’s wedding. It’s so all over the place and the Taylor Swift cameo is everything. 

renforshort’s “fuck, i luv my friends” is available to stream online here