Flo Milli on Embracing Her Role as a New Torchbearer in Rap Music

The rising Alabama rapper steps up with poise and power on new single, "Weak." In partnership with Sony Music.

When 20-year-old Mobile, Alabama rapper Flo Milli dropped her debut mixtape, Ho, why is you here?, it became instantly clear she’s more than comfortable embracing her role as one of the new torchbearers, stepping up to fill the hole Nicki Minaj left behind after announcing her departure from rap music in 2019 to start a family. Blinged out from head to toe, Milli came out of the gate flexing with a distinguishable bratty bravado and fresh new style. 

“I want people to know that it’s okay to be wild and love yourself —to do what you want.”

On the SWV sampling “Weak,” the rising rapper uses her latest single to shake up the popular soft-core R&B jam from 1993 to show her fans and haters alike that she’s definitely not about that soft shit, flipping the script with a beat that slaps while wearing cash curlers in her hair. 

“I want people to know that it’s okay to be wild and love yourself —to do what you want. You don’t have to establish yourself when it comes to these double standards that guys put on females,” Milli says. “You can break free of society’s chains. You can do what you want to and express yourself how you want. You don’t have to be afraid of other people. Fight back.”     

There is no comparison when it comes to Flo Milli, your next rap obsession with an elastic voice and larger than life persona. Check out her new mixtape, which she has injected into our summer listening library with poise, and power.