Hayley Law (aka Hayleau) on the Art of Splitting Time Between Music and Acting

The creative touched on the power of wearing a robe all day and her dream stage attire.

Some know her as Hayley Law, the actress who graced our screens in The New Romantic, Altered Carbon, and Riverdale. Others know her as Hayleau (pronounced halo), the pop singer and songwriter with a silky and soft voice and hits like “Lonely.” and “Let Me Know.” The Vancouver-native and Los Angeles-transplant shifts between her two personas with ease, but doesn’t conflate the two—she doesn’t want fans to base their expectations of her as a musician on her roles as an actress. 

We caught up with Law remotely one morning last week and chatted about her newfound affinity for her garden and the balancing act of working between two industries, and what’s on her current playlist. All before she went off to self-shoot around her neighbourhood in Jordan Women’s new City Utility collection

Hayley is wearing the Jordan Moto Top. 

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

I just moved, and I have this garden now in my backyard. I’m this crazy tomato lover [and] so every morning I get a coffee, go into the garden, and watch these tomato plants. I go out and check on all of the plants—there’s lettuce out there, a passion fruit tree. I’ve been trying to stay busy, and I’ve been working on my music. I’m putting a song out this month.

What did you pursue first; music or acting?

I was taking music seriously about a year before I started acting. Once I started acting, I wanted to do both. At first, I thought it was going to be hard, but there are so many movies and shows and roles that have both. Although not everything I do is both, I’m glad that I have gotten to do roles that require me to sing or have some sort of music element to [them]. 

Hayley is wearing the Jordan Utility Flight Suit. 

How do you manage your time between your two crafts?

It’s impossible [laughs]. If I’m working on a show, I can’t make music. I am just so tired after doing 14 hour days. My mom was like, “I think you should just choose one,” and I was like, “no chance.” It’s hard to do both, but I love doing both, and when one of them stresses me out, the other one saves my sanity. I feel like it’s important to have both. 

What’s currently going on for you in the music side of things?

I have a song coming out [July 28]. I did a short film [The Line] that Common produced, and I wrote a love song for it. It was so nice; it’s one of my top two favourite songs on the album. I have an album that’s finished, and I want to put that out, but I don’t want to rush anything. I want everyone to hear these songs separately, and then I will put them together like a little family [laughs]. The one that’s coming out is called “Get This Right.” I wrote it a year ago. 


What made you decide on using a stage name for your singing career?

I was going back and forth between wanting a stage name and not. I didn’t want just to pick one, but then I had a dream that I introduced myself to someone as Hayleau, and I thought it would be really interesting. I thought it would be fun to have two separate entities. When I first started out, everybody that I would meet would associate me with Riverdale, which was cool, but I didn’t want people to have an idea of what the music would be like based on what I had done in the past. 

What are you currently listening to right now?

Ooh, I made a new playlist around the song that’s coming out. I listen to “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa every single day [laughs]—I love that song. Every morning I put on a jazz playlist while I make breakfast. I listen to a lot of my friends’ music—I have a friend from Vancouver named Kendra Dias. The first time she sent me her music I was blown away by how soulful she was. I listen to her a lot, Snoh Aalegra, Syd, and The Internet. Then I have George Michael and Diana Ross, Bill Withers—it’s all over the map. Steve Lacy is one of my favorites, too. 

Hayley is wearing the Jordan Utility Flight Suit. 

Tell me a little about your personal style.

I’ve always had a hard time identifying my style because it’s truly always been what is comfortable and practical, but I also like to look cool if I can. It’s really hot in LA [and] I’m not the biggest shorts person, so if I can find some really light [or] linen, then I’m throwing it on. Quarantine fashion is just whatever. Yesterday I just wore a robe all day and said, “fuck it.”

What outfit would you say perfectly describes Hayleau?

I want to perform so badly! I have this sheer, sparkly top and bottom that this girl from Vancouver made me. It’s completely see-through, has these feathers on it, and I want to wear it so bad. I like sparkly stuff. I have these plastic see-through cargo, pants and I’m like, ugh, these are too hot to wear here because they would just fog up and get sweaty but I want to perform in them so bad.

Hayley is wearing the Jordan Utility Tracksuit.