Dine In With… Haley Blais

From her newfound appreciation for pour-over coffee to ordering beer straight to her door, the rising songwriter shares her take-out habits. 

Photo: Kyla Schnellert

Welcome to “Dine In With…” our new series where we invite our favourite music personalities and tastemakers to divulge their biggest late-night cravings and most outrageous takeout orders. Plus, their ultimate local go-to’s in their neighbourhood. 

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Haley Blais has been suffering from FOMO.

Her newest single, “On A Weekend,” is a dreamy reverb-drenched pop song that combines TGIF vibes with her social anxieties and fear of missing out due to a lack of a social life. “Recently, it inadvertently turned into a sort of quarantine anthem,” she says. “So when I say, ‘do what you wanna do without me there with you,’ I really mean it.”

Known for her sense of humour and candidness, Blais has found a way to get a slice of old school normalcy by DoorDashing her favourite Thai meal or supporting local sweet tooth vendors in the freezer aisle at her neighbourhood grocery store. 

We checked in with the rising songwriter to find out what she’s been eating while social distancing and her take-out tricks are making us hungry for a veggie burger. From fast food to fancy pour-over coffee, she’s made some interesting choices but it’s clear she knows what she likes. 

What’s your go-to dinner take-out and what do you order?
Lately, tofu pad thai from Thai Basil.

When are you most likely to spend the most on a take-out order?
Probably anytime I want a beyond burger from A&W, because I think to myself: “I could eat 12.”

Go-to for a sweet tooth craving?
Nora’s strawberry ice cream. Hi Nora!!!

Where do you get your coffee fix?
Normally, I’m a trash person and obsessively drink Blenz (sorry!!!) soy iced lattes. There’s something about the burnt coffee beans and off-brand soy milk that hits different. During quarantine, we’ve been drinking fancy pour-over coffee… so it all evens out. 

Most random thing you’ve ordered?
Oh man, I don’t know. What day is it? I don’t know, an 18-pack of beer and a salad? Just kidding. Okay, once — through DoorDash.

First place you’re going to eat post-quar?
Como Taperia. My sweet, sweet Como. Why did I answer these questions on an empty stomach?

Haley Blais will perform online via Side Door on Monday, June 1 at 5pm PST/8pm EST with special guest Quarterback.