The 1975’s Matty Healy Has A Vintage T-Shirt Collection You Need to See

The iconic frontman opens his closet for an exclusive look at some of his favourite band T’s.

We’re living in a digital age, but The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy is a bit of an antiquarian when it comes to things like records and t-shirts. “I love vinyl and I’ve got a lot of vinyl, but I’m more of a t-shirt collector,” Healy tells us. “I take it really seriously.”

Having amassed an impressive collection of vintage shirts over the years while touring the world with his band, he lights up when talking about his well-preserved vault which spans every modern era of music, from Fleetwood Mac to My Bloody Valentine. Rather than let them sit in a dark closet or keep them for his new pup’s eyes only, Healy modelled a few of his faves and snapped some exclusive pics for BeatRoute. 

What are some of your favourite t-shirts in your collection?

There’s this one Sonic Youth t-shirt that I first copped in 2010 or something, and that’s what kind of started me on my thing. My favourite ones are the ones that I’ve put in the work for. The coolest shirt I have is probably this 1983 Birthday Party t-shirt: Happy Birthday Nick Cave of the Birthday Party. That’s a crazy one. 

What shirts are you always looking for?

The thing that I’m always looking for is shit like Mohinder and Indian Summer. Name me a seminal hardcore or college rock band and I’ll probably have their t-shirt. I’ve got all the cool old Jawbreaker and Rites of Spring stuff. 

Which do you wear the most? 

To be fair, I’ve gotten to the stage where I have stuff in my collection that I probably wouldn’t even wear. I would probably wear about 10 of them but I’ve got hundreds. I even went to Japan to get one.

Is there one tee you’re still on the hunt for? 

I’ve been looking for a Mission of Burma shirt for so fucking long but I can’t find one. 

Want more? You can see Healy sporting a rare Jawbreaker t-shirt from the seminal punk band’s 1994 Dear You tour on the cover of BeatRoute’s May 2020 edition. Notes on a Conditional Form is available now through Dirty Hit and Polydor Records.