May 2020 Playlist: Songs In Heavy Rotation

DaBaby finds his way while Orville Peck beckons summer. These are some of the singles that have been keeping us inspired this month.

Photo Illustration: Alex Kidd

Nick Hakim summons Mac DeMarco for the ultimate collab, Florence and the Machine bring some much-needed light and love into the world, while Lennon Stella continues to prove that she is wise beyond her years with a brand new show-stopping piano ballad.

Music has been a catalyst in getting us through these difficult times. These are some of the tracks we’ve been blasting to boost our spirits and keep the creative juices flowing.

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The always grinning figure of rap tones down the antics and abandons his trusty triplet flow for a surprisingly emotional track where he tries his hand out at singing for the first time. Over a bass-boosted version of the same catchy guitar loop that made Marshmello’s “FRIENDS” a smash hit, DaBaby contemplates the difficulties of finding genuine connections because of his newfound fame.

Orville Peck – Summertime

The mysterious masked cowboy’s first single after shaking up the country world with his debut album, Pony, finds him once again playing the role of the lonesome bronco as he keeps his hopes up for a return to better days. Opening with the old-school country sounds of wailing slide guitars and Peck’s emotive baritone vocals, the bridge opens up into a noisier alt-rock section that keeps his inventive streak alive.

Kid Cudi – Leader of the Delinquents

The enormously influential father of psychedelic trap’s first solo single since 2016, Cudi crowns himself king of the rebellion as he dives back into the more hard-hitting boom-bap sound that characterized his early career. Backed by his trademark calming hums, Cudi continues celebrating his defeat over his mental health struggles, which he first addressed alongside mentor Kanye West on Kids See Ghosts

Haley Blais – Too Good

The rising dream-pop artist with a sizable YouTube following teams up with some of the genre’s greatest minds in husband-and-wife indie duo Tennis, who assist on production to help her turn what was originally a 30-second vignette of a song into this shimmering and synth-heavy opus. The track is true to its name, adding more and more instrumental hooks as it progresses while Blais layers on the harmonies.

Juice WRLD – Righteous

Juice WRLD’s innovative blend of melodic rap and early 2000s pop-punk was one of the most fascinating musical trends in recent memory, and this is one of his greatest attempts at capturing it. His mournful melodies over a somber and raw acoustic guitar loop make for one of his most emotionally affecting tracks, especially as he reflects on his dangerous lifestyle with some chilling self-fulfilling lyrics. 

Nick Hakim – CRUMPY

The lo-fi singer-songwriter’s upcoming album is dedicated to the friends who help him remember “what makes it worth it” when dealing with the many madnesses of the world. And this one sees him recruit kindred musical spirit Mac DeMarco. He plays guitar on the track and provides a tranquil backdrop for Hakim’s soulful vocals, leaning into the chilled-out rhythms and offering some truly poetic lines. 

Gus Dapperton – First Aid

In the midst of lighting up the charts thanks to an 80s-inspired TikTok smash hit, Gus Dapperton drops another single with an aim to do some good in the world. With all benefits from the song going to COVID-19 relief, Dapperton takes an unexpected turn in his sound with a shockingly blunt and stripped-back acoustic track. 

Florence + The Machine – Light Of Love

There aren’t many vocalists who possess the sheer heart-stopping power of Florence Welch, and she and her band have opted to release this leftover from their 2018 album. Its newfound lyrical significance. Welch sings of the fighting spirit and ability to show love inside us all over pounding percussion and a bouncy orchestral instrumental. 

The Treble – Fix Of You

The alt-rock outfit release an anthemic track that continuously surprises with some excellent production work, switching up the synth tones throughout the track as frontman Mark Brusegard’s vocals get more and more impassioned. There are a couple spine-tingling moments when the band drops into the chorus with two massive percussion hits, but the main melody is the strongest aspect. 

Lennon Stella – Older Than I Am 

The 20-year-old Canadian rising star links up with Frank Ocean’s main producer Malay for a show-stopping piano ballad where she laments about how quickly she grew up, losing all the moments of recklessness along the way. Fun fact: she was an actress on ABC’s Nashville at age 12. Hints of a swelling string section appear in the back half of the track, but this is a showcase for Stella’s tearful vocal delivery.

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