Dine In With… LOONY

From jerk chicken withdrawal to revealing her secret obsession with McDonald’s, rising R&B crooner LOONY takes us on a JOYRiDE through her cuisine dreams. 

Photo: Erin Leydon

Welcome to “Dine In With…” a new series where we invite our favourite music personalities and tastemakers to divulge their biggest late-night cravings and most outrageous takeout orders. Plus, their ultimate local go-to’s in their neighbourhood. 

Rising R&B crooner LOONY is bunkered down like the rest of us, so it’s only natural she’s dreaming about her favourite places to eat and drink in Toronto. We first fell in love with her in 2016 when she dropped her debut EP, Part 1. It was her seductive and otherworldly neo-soul vibe that also caught the attention of Elton John, who recently played her on his Apple Music Beats1 Radio Show. 

Her newest JOYRiDE EP takes us for a proverbial late-night cruise (to McDonald’s, if it were up to her). Intimate, vulnerable, playful, and downright soothing, these six new tracks are best served with a slice of pizza—just ask LOONY, we did. The young singer lets us in on some of her favourite places she likes to call up for take-out to curb her cravings.

Go-to dinner take-out?
I’ve been going through Caribbean food withdrawal. So it’s a must that I order from Chris Jerk. They’re in Scarborough, and man, they are FIRE. There is also this pizza spot in my area called Centro, and they’re really the MVP. Super good pizza for super cheap.

The most you’ve spent on a take-out order?
Like, ever? Probably $60 or something. But recently, I’ve been trying to take it easy. So maybe like $20!

Sweet tooth craving?
To be honest, I’ve been trying to avoid going out too much, so I’ve just been getting ice-cream from the grocery store. Rolo, yum.

Where do you get your coffee fix?
I’ve been making sure to stay stocked with Kicking Horse coffee beans, so I can make coffee at home. It’s just easier, and I find their beans really strong and flavourful.

Most random thing you’ve ordered?
I ordered like six hash-browns from McDonald’s one sad night. It’s my one true love.

First place you’re going to eat post-quar?
Probably Gusto. They do delivery, but I live way too far east, so I’m going to have to wait it out. I’m a pasta fiend. I’ve been craving theirs especially since quarantine started!

LOONY”s new EP JOYRiDE is available now (via AWAL). Check out her latest single “NO !” on our TGIF Playlist. 

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