Venus Forecast: Aries Season

Officially a new year and a new beginning in the astrological calendar

Welcome to Aries season! This is officially a new year and a new beginning in the astrological calendar—although this year, it occurs in the midst of some difficult movement in the planets that has followed us since January.

If there’s any sign that can meet uncertainty with courage and determination though, it’s Aries, and this is the energy we need right now. Aries energy is like the strength and emergence of birth—it can push through something that seems impossible, initiating new life, growth, and chapters of our experience.

Change is coming. For this reason it is also the energy of spring, emerging from the cold freeze of winter in a way that seems miraculous. So this is a good model for us moving into this season.

A key element for Aries is risk—we will never have the chance to grow, create something new, or make changes in our lives if we stay in our comfort zone or even something that feels stable and good. Sometimes we have to take a risk and push ourselves forward into unknown territory. This takes courage, fire, and sometimes a little bit of sass where it’s needed.

Important dates:

Up until April 6, Jupiter conjunct Pluto
There is an expansion of things that trouble our psyches. It’s been a tough time for the collective, and the cluster of planets in Capricorn these past few months has had everything to do with it. There’s something to be learned about the things that connect us all, for better or for worse. None of us live in a vacuum, so while we may struggle together, we also offer each other hope and progressive solutions.

April 7, Full Moon in Libra
Remember to enjoy life! This can be so easy to forget in the midst of the stresses we face, but we can also make time in our day for things that create joy, bring us closer, and inspire pleasure. Celebrate the connections that lift you up.

April 22, New Moon in Taurus
If all that Aries energy and all the big planetary movements have you feeling a little destabilized, now is the time to ground yourself. Set the intention to create stability, comfort, and structure in your life. Most of you might live in a city, but don’t forget you’re just a short trip away from the beauty of the natural world.

April 25, Pluto stations retrograde
Pluto appears to change direction in the sky about twice a year, so there will inevitably be a change in direction in our lives as well. You may learn some new information, so give the dust a few days to settle.

Aerin Fogel is a spiritual counsellor and the creator of Venus Fest, a future-oriented Toronto music festival.

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