Dolly Parton Is Reading Us Bedtime Stories In Our Time of Need

In these dark times, there is a ray of light. And her name is Dolly Parton.

The big haired, godmother of country has taken her Imagination Library—a non-profit she started in 1995, which sends free books to children up until they are five years old—online.

In her soothing southern twang, starting April 2 at 7 pm EDT, she’ll read us a bedtime story as part of a 10-week long special series, GoodNight with Dolly.

Thank you Dolly for giving this to us in our time of need. Just to be clear, there is no age limit or bedtime schedule and there will likely be an array of Dolly’s inimitable sartorial choices. So come for The Little Engine That Could and stay for the fingerless rhinestone gloves.