5SOS’s 5 Tips To Help You Keep CALM and Carry On

Australian pop rock group 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) is dropping their fourth album, CALM, during an anxious time when the entire world is full of uncertainty.

Guitarist Michael Clifford knows we’re all in this together though and has shared some of the things he incorporates into his daily routine to help keep him riding the zen train as the world works together while apart. 

“No matter what I go through I feel like I have my little pups. When you have something that you love, something that you really care about, like my fiancé as well, they will help ground you so much. I think those who are close to you don’t necessarily have to be human. That’s really important, I think.”


“Music is such a place of solitude. It can kind of help bring you into, you know, not necessarily reality but a place that might help you get some clarity on whatever it is that you’re going through.”


“For me, what I actually do whenever I’m feeling sort of anxious or that type of way, I try and look for inspiration. I know it sounds really stupid but I’ll try and watch something, or read something or listen to something that makes me feel inspired and want to do greater things. In those kinds of moments, I feel like that is more important than the anxiety I’m feeling. If that makes any sense.”


“Whenever I’m feeling anxious I take some deep breaths and figure things out.”


“I actually haven’t been looking at the internet much since I’ve been quarantined. I’ve taken it as a time to spend with my friends who live in the house. I actually think it’s a good time to spend with your family, you know, and like, turn off television from the screens and I feel like the world is kind of reminding us like ‘hey, like, just remember that we’re all human. And, you know, like play a board game or just talk to each other.’”