Selci Shares Soothing Self-Isolation Anthem “Hide Forever,” Announces BeatRoute Live Session

Photo: Veronika Brylinska

Electro-pop artist Selci made our hearts skip a beat when she dropped her stunning debut, Effervescence, last summer and she’s been working tirelessly ever since on a follow-up.

Wading through the pain and uncertainty of our modern times, Selci is back with the moody R&B tinged single, “Hide Forever,” a song of solitude that drips and pulses with immediate potency.

Produced with the help of Vancouver beatmaker Neighbour and tempered by Selci’s chilling vocals, the track will appear on her second EP, A SOFT PLACE, set for release on July 28.

As the world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic, the track’s message of finding comfort in isolation is especially fitting in these uncertain times.

“The rapidly changing forces of COVID-19 have me eating my words by the minute,” Selci tells BeatRoute. “My biggest concern today (March 19) is realizing this could go on for significantly longer than a few weeks. With all this uncertainty everyone may experience symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. I suffer from anxiety on a daily basis—I have a formal diagnosis— and it was the inspiration of ‘Hide Forever.’ I manage my anxiety with self-care, but sometimes it’s completely out of my hands. Self-care includes eating fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and taking the time to cook; aromatherapy, my skincare routine, baths, music, candles, meditation, CBD, and connecting with people (digitally!).”

Selci stresses the importance of making self-care a priority, acknowledging that stress weakens the immune system, while self-care strengthens.

“If anyone is struggling with a panic attack, the best thing to do is to reach out to someone. You are not a burden and it will help to talk to someone. Take long deep breaths, smell something, touch something, taste something, look at items in the room around you. Feel free to send me a personal message and I will do my best to help. This is what I can contribute during these times.”

Furthering her outreach and connection with her fans, Selci will be performing a BeatRoute LIVE session today (March 23) at 6pm PST/7pm MST/9pm EST.

“First and foremost, we need to check in with each other,” she says. “We might be isolating for an unfathomably long time. Let’s be grateful that we can be together on the internet.”

Fans can visit Selci’s Bandcamp page to pre-order A SOFT PLACE.