Welcome to Pisces season! According to astrologers, it’s the end of the year, because the astrological wheel resets when we enter Aries season and the first day of spring. So if it feels like things are ending, perhaps unraveling and drifting away, there’s nothing to worry about – you’re right in line with the season.

Pisces is ultimately about recognizing what connects us all. Going through our day to day lives can be intense, personal, and even isolating. But this sign speaks to the intangible and powerful reality that we are part of a vast collective. As a result, we learn how to be more sensitive to what we (and others around us are feeling). Life is tough sometimes, and through our own struggles we become more empathetic. Pisces teaches us how to act more compassionately as a result.

Important dates:

March 9, Mercury stations direct.
Yes that’s right, we’re in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde. Mercury traveling backwards through sensitive Pisces gives us reason to pause, go inwards, spend time alone dreaming and wondering and feeling it all. When Mercury goes direct again it’s time to move forward on decisions you’ve been putting off, and revisit some hard conversations, this time speaking from the heart.

March 9, Full Moon in Virgo.
The Full Moon helps us see where we need to pick up the pieces from Mercury Retrograde – we may need to reorganize our drawers, our commitments, or our social priorities. How are we doing on the goals we set during “back to school” season? Some can be redefined now, as we take time to integrate the last few weeks.

March 24, New Moon in Aries
The first New Moon of the astrological year is the most powerful moon to set an intention. This is an opportunity to start a new endeavor, new relationship, new approach to something already existing, and infuse it with fresh energy. Think of where in your life you want something to begin or emerge more fully. Now is the time.

Aerin Fogel is a spiritual counsellor and the creator of Venus Fest, a future oriented Toronto music festival.

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