PREMIERE: Khillah Khills Throw Surrealist Neon Queer Party on “Toxigenic”

Blues and pinks flash as fetish-clad bodies writhe in an underground party. An ode to 80s body horror and surrealist glam, Khillah Khills’ debut music video, “Toxigenic,” dances on the eve of the end of the world, finding solidarity in the queer community.

Working closely with Calgary director, NOFAC3, “Toxigenic” brings together the local queer community for a dance party in their own vision. “I wanted to build a toxic surrealist dreamscape that I could throw a queer dance party in! As someone who is involved in hosting queer dance parties, and a drag artist myself, I really wanted the aesthetic and cast to reflect the underground Calgary clubkid scene. There are so many vibrant performers in our community, such as Flukegurl, Vanta Blaque, and Mauve, so having all these strong local creative personalities come together for this project was important to us.”

Characters, each infected by the end of the world in their own way, provide campy commentary on some of the more pressing issues facing our generation. “I want people to think about how close we are to the end of the world,” says NOFAC3. “We’re surrounded by plastic and fake opulence, things look beautiful but really everything is falling apart. The characters in the video reveal that in one way or another they have been contaminated, and it all culminates in this gorgeous pile of dead bodies.”

“Toxigenic” premieres today via BeatRoute — watch the beautiful toxic disco dreamscape below and revel in the inevitable end of the world.

Artist: Khillah Khills
Video: “Toxigenic”
Director: NOFAC3
Assistant Director: Mike Hooves