Cannabis Comfort: Laze and Level Out in Canada’s Best Sesh Suits

Burb x Tantalus Sky Pilot Sherpa Jacket available at

With the industry rising above and beyond its smoke cloud of regulations, Canadian cannabis brands want you to sit back, relax, and consume kush in comfort.

Sackville Crewneck and Sackville Shorts available at

Sackville & Co., Burb, and Superette have each designed cozy loungewear pieces for any kind of session. “Comfort is key [to] BC bud culture,” says Margot Zimmerman of the inspiration behind Vancouver-based Burb’s apparel. The Burb x Tantalus Sky Pilot Sherpa Jacket is a dreamy outerwear cloud, perfect for watching a movie on the couch or adventuring in the great outdoors.

Superette apparel available at

Sackville & Co. founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt agree that “the perfect sesh outfit” can be whatever makes you comfortable. Sold separately, the duo’s Sackville Crewneck and Sackville Shorts are made of a breathable, cozy cotton. The suit comes in three retro washes and features cheeky iconography to celebrate the brand’s design-forward style — without compromising utility. This is a key part of Sackville’s mission, say Van Brunt and Dineen. With the goal of adjusting the stigma cannabis use has held in the past, they aim to create products that fit into your lifestyle “without having to stash them away in a drawer.” Sackville’s cannabis accessories beg to be displayed, on your nightstand or body.

Superette’s apparel also shows off the brand’s low key but impactful aesthetic. From dad hats to hoodies, long sleeves to socks, the Ontario-born cannabis company uses organic materials and their now-iconic rose logo to brand comfy clothes that encourage the wearer to simply have fun. Thaomy Lam, who works in Events & PR at Superette, says the clothes were made with “the potential for ash to stain or a rogue roach to burn a hole” in mind. At Superette, she adds, “we think those add character.”