Premiere: Noble Son Releases “Love Love Love” In All Its Exacting Truth 

Photo: Brian Van Wyk

There is a dichotomy buried deep in the musical well that is Noble Son: the brutal heartbreak of reality and the bounding absurdity of life itself. His romanticism is all wrong according to feel-good rules—where love fails, politics prevail, that sort of thing—but maybe that’s why his music makes us hurt so good. 

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Adam Kirschner, AKA Noble Son, premieres a brand new single, “Love Love Love.” A microcosm of his forthcoming album, Life Isn’t Fun, “Love Love Love” is a beautiful, folksy ballad perfect in its confessional simplicity and clear, candid vocals.

I had been arguing politics online too much while also falling for a girl that I was pretty sure had zero interest in me. An average day, really.” That’s Kirschner on how this single came to fruition. The convergence of the relatable, the ludicrous, the sensitive, the truth. 

Though Kirschner admits “self-promotion and the social media grind are the most challenging parts of making music,” it’s impossible to speak of his work without also exclaiming about the other component of Noble Son: an uncanny Jim Carrey-esque persona. His social media channels are chock full of it. All the roiling energy in that creative well of the artist also expresses itself through comically brilliant physicality.

Noble Son will perform alongside five local bands and artists at the ELEVATE Music Project Semi-Finals on Saturday, January 11 at The Imperial (Vancouver). Tix: Eventbrite