Frigs Jump Back Into Spotlight After Busy Year Backing Orville Peck

Photo: Kate Killet

December 14, 2019
The Velvet Underground

After hitting the road with cool country sensation Orville Peck, making waves as the charismatic masked crooner’s backing band, Frigs made their return to Toronto this past weekend. Taking the stage as headliners, the Polaris Music Prize 2018 Long List post-punks showed everyone why they’re a notable act in their own right.

The always bad-ass Bria Salmena was more magnetic than ever, never a shy front person, howling “THIS IS SHIT AND I AM NOTHING” (track “II”) with the passionate crowd exuding along as Salmena teetered along the edge of the stage like a tightrope.

Photo: Kate Killet

Kris Bowering’s drumming was ever so boisterous and bold while Lucas Savatti (bass) and Duncan Hay Jennings (guitar) sonically weaved their dirty and weird psychedelic web between Salmena’s punk sermons.

Playing favs off their debut LP, Basic Behaviour, along with some intriguing new bits and bites, Frigs were full of vim and vigor, and the crowd was happy to soak it up.

Here’s hoping Orville Peck doesn’t keep them too busy to release some new music from Frigs in the new year.