Spotify Reveals Its “Wrapped 2019” Results and Top Artists of the Decade

It’s December, which means we’re officially in the home stretch of the year—and the decade. Needless to say, it was a period of change when it came to music consumption as this was the decade that streaming services became the preferred vehicle. Spotify is celebrating the end of an incredible era with it’s popular “Wrapped” series, and this time instead of just recapping a year, they’ve shared the stats for the last 10.

Drake clinched the top spot followed by Ed Sheeran, Post Malone, Ariana Grande and Eminem. In terms of most streamed tracks of the decade, Ed Sheeran managed to clinch two spots in the top five with his monster hits “Shape of You” and ” Thinking Out Loud.” Taking a look at just Canada, Drake was also obviously the number one streamed artist, followed by The Weeknd and Justin Bieber.

Even more interesting is breaking Canada down province-by-province: Post Malone was the most streamed artist across every province except just two. Those two anomalies? Drake in his home province of Ontario, and Eminem in Nunavut.

For the complete results, check out Spotify’s website. You’ll also be able to view your personalized Wrapped results based on your own streaming habits soon.