Raincity Go All the Way to the Top In “Give This Up” Music Video

Tim Nguyen

Despite the grey skies that dominate Vancouver’s skyline in the winter months, Raincity have locked into a pleasantly colourful groove.

The fledgling funk-rock outfit has been maturing over the course of the last three years, winning countless accolades while sharpening their teeth performing at downtown live music hot spots like the Roxy. 

With the release of their 2019 EP, recorded at Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio, Raincity have taken a giant leap from their high school jazz band days into a much deserved spotlight while their stylin’ sax player, Kaylar Chan, solos them in with purposeful energy. 

Fronted by the charismatic Claire Twiddy, the band methodically dances a fine line between Paramore’s pop perfection and a late night RHCP-inspired jam session vibe that sees them edging towards the glitz and glamour of A-side radio airtime.

One step closer to finding that essential mix of funk, pop and rock, the band have released the music video for their first single, “Give The Up.” 

“Overtime, the song came to describe the freedom that we found in letting go, in embracing ourselves, finding confidence in our voice, and striving to be the ideal self,” says Twiddy. “The fun and energetic video of ‘Give This Up’ embodies that freedom and embrace.”

The video takes place on a space-age elevator full of Xanadu-level kitsch as the band members rock out and enjoy the ride to the top, much to the chagrin of a 9-to-5 bystander and the custodian who have no idea what they’ve stepped into.

When they reach what could only be the penthouse suite, nobody really knows what hit them but there’s no question everyone got the ride of a lifetime and, thankfully, Raincity has plenty more up their sleeve to fuel the ride back down.

Raincity will be performing with Five Alarm Funk at the Commodore (Vancouver) on Dec. 26 // TIX