Heavy Metal Royalty, King Diamond Shines Bright On The Institute Tour

Lukas Holt

Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Nov. 28, 2019 

Low ticket sales couldn’t stop Heavy Metal Royalty, King Diamond, from shining brighter than the wedding band aisle at People’s Jewellers. With the upper balcony of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre closed, the camaraderie was at an all time high as an army of loyal Mercyful Fate fans gathered on the Orchestra floor to hail the band’s one time lead singer, and Heavy Metal God.

Rolled out on a makeshift gurney/wheelchair, King Diamond wasted no time resurrecting to his feet and squealing through the band’s first banger, “The Wizard.” The macabre style performance was set against an impressive two-story backdrop with a cellar door in the centre of the stage, allowing Diamond to easily dispose of Villains and Demons who would dare attempt a mutiny against their dark overlord.

And of course, what would a King Diamond show be without a baby sacrifice, as the singer drove a dagger into a black haired newborn, freeing its soul before ripping into his classic track, “Abigail.” 

Despite a lack of Mercyful Fate songs in the setlist, King Diamond’s cult following remains robust, and the devil horns raised highly in his honour — Hail Satan! 

King Diamon | Photo by Lukas Holt