Alternative Artist 0Stella Feels Both Sides As Climate Crisis Heats Up

It was pure coincidence that 0Stella’s first single, the eco-activist “Wide Awake,” was released the same day Greta Thurnberg arrived in Edmonton on her climate change awareness tour.

0Stella, fronted by Irish-Canadian Liz Pomeroy, was happy to ride that wave and not too fearful her own push for environmental protection in the land of oil and gas might create a backlash.

“I’ve had to become a bit more crafty as to how I craft my songs,” says Pomeroy half-joking. “When I first starting singing Wide Awake at open mics it was very soapboxy. Even though most people in attendance were artsy types, I did feel a certain vibe in the room and it’s important to remember that their day jobs are often first or second or third hand beneficiaries of the oil and gas industry.”

Pomeroy, who shifted her career from burlesque to protest, openly admits she hates politics and doesn’t “feel qualified to talk about any of that shit.” She clarifies, however, stating, “What I resonant with is human suffering. And write about relationships that sometimes occur against a background that can be quite political.”

Well aware the climate change debate is extremely polarizing, Pomeroy only wants to try and help both sides to meet in the middle somehow.

“’Wide Away’ came out of a place where I was feeling completely helpless about what was coming down the proverbial pipeline. I got angry — we shouldn’t be put in this position right now. A lot of people feel like that. There are people in Edmonton who have been activists for 60 years. They’re feeling, ‘Fuckin’ hell. Finally, we’re beginning to mobilize.’”