A Prince ‘1999’ Boxset Containing 35 Previously Unreleased Recordings Is out This Week

Image via NPR

Even when he was alive, Prince was infamous in the entertainment industry for having an incredible amount of unreleased material. When the incomparable artist passed away suddenly almost four years ago, it only further calcified his vault’s legend.

His unreleased works are said to include countless albums as well as over 50 fully-produced music videos, along with other unspecified media. We might never know its full extent, nor might we ever find out what is truth and fiction, but we do know that we are getting a full 1999 boxset with 35 previously unreleased recordings, and it’s coming by the end of this week.

The boxset will contain five CDs (comprised of 10 LPs) and a DVD containing footage from his 1999 tour stop at the Houston Summit on December 29, 1982—footage that has never been officially released but did circulate in bootleg form. Included as part of the release are 35 previously unreleased audio tracks.

The package will also come with an accompanying book that showcases handwritten lyrics for several songs from the period that 1999 was recorded, including “Little Red Corvette, as well as unseen images and rare photographs by Allen Beaulieu. Updated liner notes were authored by a host of Prince experts including music critic David Fricke, Guns N’ Roses’ bassist Duff McKagan, Minneapolis-based historian and radio host Andrea Swensson, and all-around Prince scholar Duane Tudahl.

When he died in 2016, Prince left no will or instructions for his vault of unreleased works. 1999: Remastered And Expanded Edition will be available on Friday November 29.