Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter, St. Arnaud, Takes A Bath With All His Friends on “The Introvert”

Coming off the heels of his debut album, The Cost of Living, singer-songwriter Ian St. Arnaud is proud to release his self-produced video for “The Introvert.”

As the title suggests, the up-tempo indie-folk track speaks about a character who spends much of their time in isolation, desiring for social contact. However, when a crowd makes their presence, the subject of the song ultimately finds comfort in solitude.

Perhaps the song is self reflective, as St. Arnaud has spent much of his time in the last year touring across the country, from Victoria to Halifax. The video, filmed and produced by Liam Prost (Soaring Eagle Records) follows St. Arnaud in a private space, where he is abruptly invaded by his friends until it turns into a bathroom party. 

St. Arnaud comments on the video, saying, “We shot this all in Matt Olah’s (Soaring Eagle Records) heritage-home bathroom. We wanted to make something in-house with our friends, something just kind of silly, that reflects our approach to playing music live as well.

Coming from an album that also talks more starkly about the death of a friend, it all came out like it was filtered through this jolly little machine. Take a bath with your friends.”