Slynk Brings Funky And Fresh To AEMCON’s Fractal Forest

Catalina Briceno

Shambhala Music Festival resident DJ and Australian producer, Slynk, transported his audience to the Fractal Forest stage last night for his debut at the HiFi Club as part of the Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) with the funky sounds of breaks.

To cater to the festival flair of the evening, some attendees donned festival merchandise and others sported eccentric attire, emulating the spirit of the festival and catering to the theme of the evening. Slynk followed suit, wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Much like Shambhala, AEMCON also brings people together. Hugs and trinkets were exchanged by some on the dance floor and phone numbers and business cards by others.

The crowd was treated to a kinetic and captivating performance by the DJ as he worked the vinyl only deck, immediately standing out from the plethora of DJs that used CDJs throughout the weekend.

His set was not only funky and fresh, but was also adorned with the drum and bass and some dubstep for the remainder part of the night.

Fans approved of the seemingly much darker transition, head banging and at even one point, moshing in the quaint venue. However, many were delightfully surprised and welcomed the easy-going tempo of reggae beats during his back-to-back with opening local DJ, Benanas to cap off the evening’s festivities.