Kelli Lane

Julia Michaels Claims Her Place In The Spotlight On Inner Monologue Tour

Vogue Theatre
November 16, 2019

Singer-songwriter and pop music superhero Julia Michaels performed her first headlining Vancouver gig to a sold out crowd at the Vogue Theatre, closing out the North American leg of her Inner Monologue tour and the crowd was very present for the send off.

Michaels delivered a solid set list of favourites and was able to conjure enthusiastic crowd participation from those who came to worship her brand of confessional yet light-hearted power anthems.

We were there with her for the admissions of “Heaven,” we were there for the cheeky tongue flicks of “Pink,” and we were there bouncing along with every drop of “Deep.” The atmosphere was one of inclusivity and of a “safe space,” which enabled a lot of light mood and carefree hair flipping.

Photo: Kelli Lane

Perhaps best known in the pop world for having penned Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Maroon 5’s “Lips On You,” and Demi Lovato’s “Fire Starter,”  it’s gratifying to see a songwriter who has been able to come out from behind the voices of others and own her own work.

Michaels is a star who possesses the power to stand up in front of a crowd of people looking to feel a bit of catharsis and sing the confessional lines like: “And sometimes I think I kill relationships for art, I start up all this shit to watch ‘em fall apart,  pay my bills with it, I watch them fall apart.”

For everyone there who also just wants to be happy despite this kind of modern favoured self-destruction, it was nice to let go, put our hands in the air, and sing along.